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Quality Requirements For Tarpaulin

Time:2018-08-27 10:22:01

As a high strength, toughness and soft degree of waterproof material, tarpaulin on the quality of technology has strict requirements. Let me give you a summary of the quality of tarpaulin technical requirements:

1, take the Bucabu, check the open seam, stripping, breakage, broken hole, dilute weft, jump silk, etc., if there is on the CD splicing.

2, under the material, cloth check if no problem, the measure of the cloth, cutting cloth before to straight, size according to the requirements of accurate, each piece to be marked clear specifications, each time before the first to find the original boss to pick up, according to the requirements of the order, each color of the specifications, only one leader, once there is no order, hurriedly organize the workshop, Classify, splice and classify the remaining kings.

3, splicing technology, quality requirements, send cloth, Labuan, the quality and technical requirements of the tarpaulin group gun head, pull the head of the gun to prepare for the place, must be dripping, temperature to adjust moderate, too gaoyao downward, too low to raise, burn hole to cut open straighten, splicing, not glued to the stitching.

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