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PVC Tarpaulin Proper Maintenance Way

Time:2018-09-01 19:02:45

PVC Coated fabric is a variety of types, the main purpose is the production of tents, a variety of materials PVC coated fabrics are playing their own special performance. Of course, no matter what material PVC coated cloth, maintenance is essential. Proper maintenance can greatly prolong the use of time. Here is a description of PVC coated cloth in the day-to-day use of the maintenance process.

1, for colorful PVC coated cloth, not with carbon ink and other difficult to clean items touch. This color of PVC coated cloth is clean after being coated with toothpaste, or white chalk powder. Pay attention to even, cool dry, can prevent discoloration. Maybe find two pieces of white clean paper on top and tear them off after drying. can also prevent discoloration.

2, has the present disconnection, the drop line, or the decoration part loosening and so on the small flaw should promptly send repairs. To extend its service life.

3, PVC coated cloth should be punctual and clean, in order to prevent moldy stink. Don't wash with the washing machine. Some people think that PVC coated cloth folding, price and low, lazy hand wash. Familiar with the decoration of the cloth is not the same, washing with the washing machine is very simple to fall off and fade.

4, PVC coated cloth after cleaning, cool place in the natural dry, do not put the sun under the sun or heat in the local baking, in order to prevent the return of plastic or degumming, accelerate aging.

5, not professional rubber shoes and acid and alkali, salt and other chemicals to touch, so as to avoid corrosion by the degumming deformation.

6, when cleaning force should be gentle and uniform. Do not force the brush, lest the short-term, or brush off the body of the design and decoration parts.

7, prevent and sharp objects touch, in case scratches cut.

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