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What Are The Properties Of PVC Tarpaulin?

Time:2018-09-01 19:04:46

Tents, tarpaulin products can be used to prevent rain, heat, cold and other functions. Therefore, the requirements of such products to have a certain performance.

PVC Tarpaulin

(i) Basic performance requirements for tarpaulin

From the various uses of tarpaulin, the general requirements to be met are:

(1) light weight, easy folding, easy to carry and operate;

(2) High strength, abrasion resistance, long service life;

(3) Waterproof performance and good ventilation performance, in the side of the condensate water;

(4) acid and alkali, mildew, anti-corrosion;

(5) Good weather resistance, flame retardant, fire prevention; (6) No core suction effect, no phenomenon of moisture conduction.

Tarpaulin class generally requires a "three" function. namely waterproof, fireproof (flame-retardant), mildew.

(ii) Main performance indicators

In the specific product design or use, consider the following performance indicators of tarpaulin.

1, air permeability: tarpaulin must take into account its breathability, especially the military tent cloth, air permeability of the shadow factors of the bottom cloth tissue, density, materials, waterproof finishing agent type, resin adhesion amount. With the increase of resin adhesion, the air permeability of tarpaulin decreased. Of course this is related to the finishing agent used. Generally have the air permeability of the most of the tents by paraffin or acrylic-eye resin finishing cotton, Vinylon, paint, such as yarn-like fabric products.

2, tensile strength: Tarpaulin in the use of all kinds of tension, such as fixed tense tension: the use of the process to be wind, rain, provinces and other additional force role. Despite these external forces, still require them to maintain the original shape, not easily deformed, which requires a high tensile strength of the tarpaulin, and should not be too large latitude and longitude to the tensile strength difference. Especially as the inflatable building with large tent tensile strength is extremely important. In general, it uses high strength polyester, Vinylon and other long fiber fabric. The waterproof finishing of vinyl chloride resin and chlorinated sulfonated polyethylene resin. The strength of the product is mainly determined by the intensity of the fiber material and the fabric density.

3, elongation and dimensional stability: as eaves tent and large tent, is often used under tension. Fabric elongation is not too large, and its dimensional stability is determined by the creep properties of the material.

4, tearing strength: tarp damage is mainly caused by tearing, so tearing strength is an important indicator of tarpaulin. Tearing strength is related to whether or not the tarpaulin will rupture due to the effect of incoming objects or, for some reason, to expand around the hole to form a large structural fissure. So when the tension is big. It is required that the canopy cloth have high tensile strength and high tearing intensity.

5, Water resistance: water resistance is an important feature of tarpaulin, through impregnation, the vinyl chloride tree fat filled in the gap between the fabric, forming coating film. If the amount of resin adhesion per unit area exceeds a certain degree, water resistance is not a problem. If the film is thin, by bending, soft rubbing or surface wear, the film is prone to rupture, it may cause muddy water.

6, flame retardant: From the use of the safety of the mountain, the requirements of the tarpaulin has a good flame-retardant. Flame retardant can be obtained by selecting flame retardant fiber and flame retardant base fabric. Can also be achieved by adding flame retardant to the coating agent. The amount of flame retardant additive is directly related to the flame retardant effect.

Tarpaulin In addition to the above several performance requirements, but also requires superior cold resistance, heat resistance, canopy cloth, creep resistance, fatigue resistance, wear resistance and bending flexibility.

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