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How To Mend Tarpaulin

Time:2018-08-27 10:18:21

In daily life, tarpaulin inevitably appear breakage, this time how should we deal with it?

Tarpaulin Glue

Compare the size of the hole to cut two pieces of cloth, a big circle than the hole. It is better to trim the corners of the cloth. First to fill the tarp side, paste up the cloth is best not coated PU side outward, so more wear-resistant. Evenly coated with glue, especially the edge of a circle to be coated, and then the ready to paste the cloth, affixed to feel uneasy words can be at the seams and then coated together, foolproof. It is necessary to note that the glue dry very fast, short to 10 seconds, so gelatinize must be fast. Turn over and put another piece of tarp on the other side to ensure that firmness prevents open, even if it is done.

Tarpaulin Tape

1. First wipe the damaged canvas surface, you can use sandpaper to grind the damage around, but be careful not to wear off the waterproof layer

2. Measure the size of the damaged position, cut out the appropriate tape section and paste it into the damaged place.

3. Smooth the location of tape and canvas breakage, so that tape and canvas are completely glued together.

4. Finally, static for 1-2 hours, the tape on the glue and canvas thoroughly bonded.

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